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There are a few photos of me in here.

I am a research Astronomer at the Instituto de Astronomía (IAUNAM) which is part of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) .

I was born in México City.

I like to do programming and sysadmin computers when I have some spare time. I respect a lot those great guys who have built GNU and I think that the GNU project is one of the best things on planet earth. I maintain the Debian GNU/Linux mirror at the Facultad de Ciencias (UNAM). Here is a link to , the mirror server.

I like the cinema a lot and I used to maintain the web pages of the MCR (Middle Common Room) Film Society at Churchill College, in Cambridge University.

In 1999, I founded and was in charge of the web pages of the Cambridge University Mexican Society (CUMEXSOC).

One of the most interesting photos I've seen of Xavier Hernandez and myself is this one taken in the gardens of the Institute of Astronomy of the University of Cambridge back in 1995.

If you are interested in watching videos made by me or made by others that are related to myself have a look at the following:

I like to run a lot and I managed to finish Mexico City's marathon on September 2001. Cycling is one of the things I try to do as much as I can, but obviously living in the third biggest metropolitan area in the world (and the 9th largest city in the world), makes this very complicated. I founded and I am the president of biciUNAMonos , an association of urban cyclists at UNAM. Mountaineering is what I call my favourite sport, and I was a member of the Montañismo y exploración UNAM .

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